Day 7 – Aarhus, day 1



At last…. Well, not really, but blog wise, it was about time, I will give you that!

I was now in Aarhus, probably the city I would miss the less. Not that it was ugly, or dirty, or uninteresting… But Aarhus was harsh with me from the start. I wasn’t even in town, and people already kind of rejected me!

I had couchsurfing plans that didn’t work out, and as the day went by, I switched to researches on Airbnb for a room or an apartment to rent.

There again, no luck, but I was kind of fearing that I was a little short in time to find anybody ready to host me… So I went for my last resort (not that it was really bad, but it was the most expensive way I could afford to get a roof over my head); the hostel!

First day in Aarhus was spent mostly walking around, looking for good free Wi-Fi spots and hoping to find a place to stay. (by the way… If you are in Aarhus and looking for a hot Hot Spot, try the bench in front of “Magasin” in Lille Torv Square)

Oh, and since I don’t have much to say about this first day in Aarhus, here is a map with three important places… The little red heart is for my favorite Wi-Fi spot, the yellow star for my hostel, and the green spot (hi there, Green Spot!) a place we’ll be discussing in my next post… Den Gamle By, literally “The old town”…


Oh, and I feel generous… a view of “Magasin”, with my favorite bench – in Aarhus! (spent a loooot of time there, hoping for good news LOL)


Thanks Google!


And, as usual, a few pictures taken along my stroll…






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14 thoughts on “Day 7 – Aarhus, day 1

  1. Bravo pour pour ta persévérance. Comme tu le dis toi -même : “you do not take no as an answer “. J’ai bien hâte de lire la 8ieme journée. J’espère que tu auras passé une journée plus agréable. Xxxx


  2. Just like Creedence Clearwater Revival: Oh Lord, Stuck in Aarhus Again! At least the blog is. At least it is not Viborg. Yea, Viborg. Bring back Viborg. I miss Viborg (stifling a sob). Hand me a handkerchief, won’t you…..

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    1. I am considering coming back to Viborg on my way back to Aalborg… (almost) Nobody knows what I really did in Denmark after all… I might write a fantasy suite to my up-to-now pretty reality-oriented blog 😉


    1. It was even better than what I was expecting… I still have about 10 days to write and document with pictures, for the cities of Odense (still 2 days), Svendborg, Bagenkop, Skagen and then my last days in Copenhagen…. 🙂 I loved Odense, I walked for such a long time along the river, near the zoo. Beautiful! And the people I met there were super nice!

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    1. “Borg” means “castle” in Danish… so many cities were named after the castles they were originally built around 🙂 (well… that’s what they say, but I’ll investigate the Startreck theory… there might be something there :P)

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