Fun facts about DK…


Denmark will never cease to amaze me… Never.

Here’s another fun thing I discovered just today, and wish I had known about back in May. I sure would have stopped by to check it out.

Back in 1944, a Dane (Duh!), Sir Søren Poulsen, discovered a rock resembling Jutland while dewatering the meadows surrounding his childhood home at Klejtrup Lake. He probably had a very wandering mind like mine, because it inspired him into creating his own “little” world, all made of man made islands.



It took Mr Poulsen 25 years… And here is the result!

The park is open to visits, and it will be visited by me, next time I set foot in Denmark! That’s for sure!

To learn more about Verdenskortet…



18 thoughts on “Fun facts about DK…

    1. The Big Turtle Day being over (thank you for reminding me to update the widget 🙂 ) I had to find something new…. Until there is yet another Big Turtle Day again! Soon, I hope 🙂


      1. Absolutely did. Yeah Skagen! Your blog is a great resource if one is looking to see a bit of Denmark…. How nice. Will find time to take a tour… Tusind tak. 🙂


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