Back to Copenhagen!

Yes, I am back in Vikingland!

It’s 10 pm, and I only had a 2 hours power nap over the last 36 hours or so… So needless to say that I will limit the storytelling to the minimum tonight. I started this in my bunk bed, my feet under the soft duvet, and I could already feel my eyes failing me.

So I came down to put these few pictures together… I obviously didn’t get a chance to edit them, but I think they are pretty good given the level of tiredness in the background.

Let’s we start?



On the way to the airport, in Montreal… It made me smile.




I am used to fly with Wow Air… So the pillow and large blanket waiting on my seat were already a surprise. When I got these crackers and was offered a (mini) bottle of red wine, I thought that would have to do as a dinner.




But this arrived shortly after!! Ok, the braised beef wasn’t worth a Michelin Star, but in all honesty, it was airplane-delicious. And free… Well, included.




Despite a delayed lift up in Montréal and a late arrival in Zurich (meaning me running like a headless chicken to make it to my connecting gate two minutes before they closed it), it seems like the German government has regulations regarding the number of planes flying over the country at one time. This resulted in an air craft traffic jam on the tarmac.




It wasn’t the first time I witnessed this natural phenomena, but I must say it is always intriguing when it happens. The round shaped rainbow reflected on the clouds below us has a name, but I don’t remember it. If you know, leave it in the comment box, please!



Welcome home? Awwww I knew you had missed me too, Denmark!




I don’t have time to tell the story again tonight, but for those of you who know about when I made a fool of myself, requesting that my passport would be stamped before I left the customs of Copenhagen’s airport, this is the desk where the lady welcomed me, with her suspicious ”You know you could get in trouble here, right??” look.






My home for tonight, the Bedwood Hostel







Kongens Nytorv, the most important round about in Copenhagen has been under construction for years now. Since a new circular metro line is being built just under it, people have been deprived of one the best known places of the capital. As a matter of fact, I had never seen the very heart of Copenhagen without the high barricades that hid all the buildings until today!



The Marble Church, still beautiful, despite the construction.




Amalienborg, the Royal Palace.




St-Alban’s Church, in and out.



Yet another good reason to visit Denmark in May: The Little Mermaid free of tourists!



First Danish dog… Not the last! Yuuummm!



Nyhavn. Nothing else to say… A Must See!




Random street views near Strøget.



St-Peter’s clock tower between the buildings, if my memory’s good.



One of Copenhagen’s many canals.



The old stock market… One of my favorite buildings, if not MY favorite.



Copenhagen’s reputation of being bicycle-friendly? NOT overrated. LOL



At the end of the day, always good to know the spots for good, cheap food!



Last stop in Nyhavn before bedtime!




Many people hesitate to visit Denmark, because it is said to be very expensive to travel around. I agree, if you book rooms in generic hotels, and eat in the tourist trap restaurants. But when you are a bit creative and willing to go off the beaten path, there is a way to enjoy Vikingland without making your wallet whine.

Here’s my night’s loot: Cheese, cold cuts, rye bread, olives and (of course) remoulade. Danish rye bread is very filling, yet not heavy like it always seems to be in Canada. With this, I’ll be able to have supper, sandwiches for tomorrow’s lunch and some snacks along the way. For under 20 Canadian Dollars… Not too bad, right?

12 thoughts on “Back to Copenhagen!

  1. Allô, merci pour ce départ et quel départ xxxx Profite de chaque instant quand il passe. Tu le mérites tu sais. Je t’aime xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Je vous aime aussi 🙂 Désolée pour le retard dans les commentaire, et le suivi du voyage… J’étais assez confiante de garder le rythme, mais je me suis encore fait jouer un tour par les (très) longues journées du printemps danois. Quand le soleil brille de 5h à dépassé 21h, c’est dur de ne pas un peu perdre la notion du temps qui passe, et je me retrouvais souvent à souper en cognant des clous tard le soir… Hahahahahaha


    1. Thank you, Joy 🙂 It was a very exciting trip… and the tricky thing about Spring in Denmark (and other Northern countries, I am guessing…) is that the days are so long, that I keep doing all kinds of things, until I look at the time, and find out it is almost 9 pm, and I haven’t had dinner just yet! LOL So, yes, I did have to slow down on the time spend posting while I was in Vikingland, but now that I am back home, I’ll get back to posting my whole trip, bits by bits 🙂


    1. Thank you, dear Stella 🙂 I had a real blast! I really don’t get tired of Denmark… Too bad you were out of the country while I did my little tour! I’ll have to come back to have the chance to meet you in person 😉 xx


      1. Awww… I hope you had a really good time in DK. I would have been delighted to meet you in person this time, but a dear family member was graduating in the US also. I believe we’d have a next time. I really do. Did you return with rugbrod? Lol. 💕💕


    1. Thank you, Simon 🙂 It was an amazing trip… I discovered many new places and re-visited some of my classics too! I did get behind with the comments and the postings, but I am working on catching up now that I am back home 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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