September Trip – Stockholm, day 5

Already the third and last day in Stockholm.

We could have spent many more days in Sweden’s capital. Because there was much more to see, and because Stockholmers are just such very nice people.

Tip when you visit Sweden, and especially Stockholm… Learn to spot pedestrian crossings and don’t hesitate when time comes to walk from one side to the other. This is something that felt a little dare devilish at first, but even if there aren’t any stop signs or street lights, cars and busses will stop if you are about to cross the street. They will. So even if you are used (like we were) to wait until you’re sure that the vehicule will let you go, forget about it, and just walk. You’ll save drivers time if you don’t wait until they come to a full stop. They will stop…  I promise.

Ok, so… Last day, and our first stop was a must. I hadn’t realized how uncomfortable with heights David was, before we got to enter Globe City.

Thank you, Google… I can’t find the picture I took oof the entry of Globe City… Grrrr

Globe City is the sum of many stadiums that hold multiple sports events, concerts and shows… And most certainly, the Globe is the most impressive of them from the outside.

Thanks again, Google!

Sky View is a sightseeing activity that is totally worth the little Metro ride outside the center of Stockholm. The 20 minutes ride slowly takes you to the top of the Globe in a little glass ball.


At the top of the Ericsson Globe, you get a 360 view of the Stockholm area, perched at 85 meters in the air.


We skipped my usual sandwiches to have lunch in a local fast food chain, Max. Not that either of us is big on hamburgers and the like, but we thought we should try it since it is Swedish.




After being denied the Hop On Hop Off boat the day before (thank you very much!) we decided to take one of the many other tours on Stockholm’s canals…  The sail offers a very different view of the city and its subburbs. And the audio guide, in several languages, provides with interesting informations… A very enjoyable time on the waters!


Yup, here is our little Foxy friend again!
Again… Inside the boat.


After our cruise it was time to get back “home” and get ready for our move the next morning. But not before we visited Sergels Torg one last time…





Next up… Göteborg!



10 thoughts on “September Trip – Stockholm, day 5

    1. LOL Yeah, Ouille (it is Foxy’s name) will show up again later too 😛 I just thought that I should take a clear picture of him, to show what he looks like when he’s in close up and blurry 😉 I’ll try to remember to do that tonight!!

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  1. Sergels Torg! I remember that place, with the nice bakery underneath. Cinnamon buns and hot chocolate on a Cold Day in January! I loved the picture of the giraffe like crane as well! Thanks for showing me another view of Stockholm!

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