D day-2

Today, I received an email from Pippa, suggesting where and when we should meet… And it struck me.

Now, all this is really getting really really real!

I got butterfly flutters reading the note. Because it is one thing to say you’ll meet someone, but it is completely different when you can picture things happening.

And now I can imagine myself sitting on the side of the street near the B&B where I’ll have spent one of the most resting nights of my life, knowing I am safe in Svendborg’s Fairy’s town… – That being Svendborg, if you have trouble following – protected from all evil spirits that could have wanted to give me nightmares. And waiting, with the magical green fairy dress I have fought dragons and evil Asian delivery critters (they are the worst!!) to bring to her on my lap. And there she will come, with her long wavy hair in the wind, walking barefoot (yes, even in May… she is a FAIRY!! Follow!!) in the green Denmark grass, the wind playing with the many ribbons dancing around her svelte silhouette, vintergæk pinned in her braided hair and all…

Ok, it probably won’t be just like that… But still, I know exactly where and when it will happen.

And things are really getting really real!

3 thoughts on “D day-2

  1. Je peux ressentir ton excitation, ça me donne la chaire de poule. Je ne saurais jamais trouver les mots pour te dire
    à quel point je suis heureuse pour toi. Je t’aime ma grande fille xxxx

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    1. Merci! C’est effectivement très excitant… J’ai hâte d’avoir les fesses dans l’avion, et de ne plus avoir de raison de stresser. Une fois rendue là, c’est advienne que pourra!
      Je vous aime aussi xxxx


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