September Trip – Copenhagen, day 1


I am becoming a regular client of the purple plane company, and I must say that I recommend the airline to anyone traveling to Scandinavia from North America. Especially if you are on a budget, and are ready to fly simply. The staff is always friendly, smilling and helpful, and the flights have all been smooth and on time…  I haven’t seen the sun shine on Iceland so far, but I am not giving up. I know someday, I’ll catch the yellow ball off guard!



First sights of the Copenhagen area. It was the first time I could spot the Øresund bridge from the air. The famous bridge is the link between Copenhagen (Denmark, of course) and Malmö (Sweden).


Right after leaving Kastrup’s airport, we headed to our first “home”. The Hawila, a beautiful sailing boat, hosts people all year long, when it is not sailing. You can get a bunk bed for a very fair price, and although you have to be ready to chit chat with other guests coming from all around the world, it is quite an experience, and for people who aren’t familiar with Copenhagen, finding the location of the boat is a piece of cake, just a few minutes away from the airport by Metro. It is right next to Den Blå Planet, Copenhagen’s aquarium (We’ll get to that, just a little bit later).

We were just off the plane, and had our 6 time zones jetlag hitting us in the jaw, so I don’t happen to have an actual picture of the Hawila today, but you can read everything about it, and the young people who work on the Hawila project here.





I did take a picture of the Metro station’s entry, though. No, that is not a ramp for wheelchairs on the left. Danes being crazy (in a good sense) about cycling, there are tracks like that everywhere around the city, to allow people to take their bikes up and down the stairs easily….



Art can be found everywhere in Copenhagen, and Ai Weiwei has barricated these windows with migrants’ life vests, as a reminder of the migrant crisis taking place on Europe’s shores…


Everybody knows Nyhavn, one of the most iconic locations in the Capital. And over the canal, people attach locks to the bridge. I have put one back in May 2016, and I was eager to see if they had left it there, after 16 months. And it was!!  It is the small green (well, it used to be a flashy green color, now it looks more yellowish) one on the left…


Nyhavn… I told you it would ring a bell!


Across from Nyhavn is the Papirøen project. Papirøen, litterally the paper island, is a street food happening that will unfortunately come to an end this Winter.


Next, a stop to Amalienborg Castle, the Royal Familie’s residence in Copenhagen… But on the way to see it, we took a few minutes to visit the Marble Church. Don’t mind the strange orange fellow, he might show his nose every now and then during the trip.



There will be pictures of Amalienborg Castle later… But here are a few pictures of the majestic fountain right next to it. The Marble Church, the palace and the fountain are aligned with the Opera, on the other shore… Again, photos to come later (blame the jetlag!)






Gefion’s fountain is one of my favorite spots in Copenhagen. The gift from the Carlsberg family can be found near Kastellet, and is well worth the detour. But that’s just my opinion…



Of course, we had to go pay our respects to Copenhagen’s effigy. The Little Mermaid is… Small. She is. But hey! It is the Little Mermaid. Don’t mind the few tourists cuddling her, she is, after all, the most popular mermaid in town!


No visit to Denmark is complete without a hot dog. Danish hot dogs are just fabulous! Topped with remoulade, pickles and dried onions, they are an absolute must. You’ll find stands all around the city, and it is a sin to leave without tasting at least one!


Ok, I’m not a fan of posting pictures of myself, but this one is special. It is at Amalienborg Palace, and I was just telling David how close the Royal family was to its people. In fact, there was no sign asking not to get near the Castle, and I said “hey! Take a picture of me, touching the Queen’s house!!”

What we can’t see on the picture, is the Royal Guard waiting for the picture to be taken, before he shouted a strong “Lady, step away from the wall!!!!”

Yeah, don’t touch the Castle when you come to Copenhagen. It brings out the guards’ grumpy side. At least, I didn’t get arrested.

Danes are so understanding… I think it was obvious I was just excited to take this shot.

10 thoughts on “September Trip – Copenhagen, day 1

    1. Thank you Brett 🙂 And sorry for the delay… The first week back from abroad has been pretty crazy, and I am still catching up on all the messages left during my trip in Scandinavia 😛

      I am glad you are enjoying the posts… I hope you’ll follow the rest of the journey 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

    1. My great pleasure 🙂 The weather could have been far less clement. Next time I really have to bring my good camera to focus on my pictures… I am glad you are enjoying your cyber-trip!


  1. Wow quelle belle première sélection des endroits visités. J’ai de la difficulté à attendre la suite. Merci de ce partage avec nous. On a comme l’impression d’y être 🙂 xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Désolée du petit délai… Merci beaucoup pour les bons commentaires, ça nous fait vraiment plaisir de partager ces souvenirs avec vous… J’essaie d’être aussi fidèle que possible pour que vous puissiez imaginer le genre de voyage que nous avons vécu 🙂


  2. I am treating myself to your trip before I get started on my applications for the day!! EEK! I have never heard of the purple plane company, but I’ll definitely have to keep it in mind if I ever do! Wow- I am blown away by the windows made of life vests! That’s incredible.. love the meaning too. These pictures are amazing.. I feel like I’m right there with you! Oh. My goodness. I think I’d break my non-eating meat streak to sample one of those dogs! Dried onions and pickles sound like a match made in heaven. I know DJ would die to have one of those too.

    CYRR!!!!! YAY! I am so excited you posted a picture of your fantastic, beautiful self! ❤ ❤ That is so COOL that you were able to literally touch the Queen’s home. This is just Day 1?! You packed so much in! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehehehehe yeah, I broke one of the my main rules in blogging, but it was soooooo worth it!! And I didn’t even get arrested, woot woot to me!

      The dogs are aaaaawwwwesome! I had heard of them a lot before going to DK the first time, and I am now addicted! It just HAD to be our first meal abroad, LOL Some of the hot dog stands have a vegetarian version of the saussages too, so you wouldn’t even have to cheat!

      I’m really glad you are enjoying the virtual trip 🙂 *big hugs*

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