D day -14

With less than two weeks to go, and eleven days of work to kill, it is really starting to smell like the final countdown… Europe style final countdown, you know?

I have started getting responses to my Couch hunting, which is encouraging.

My schedule is ready, although still flexible. I won’t post it, because I want to keep a little mystery. I have never been one to reveal too much about my whereabouts in the past, and I guess that’s just something that won’t change overnight.

To those of you worried to see me hit the road alone, Ib and Pippa will be aware of where I am and am going through the weeks. And I will have a cellphone to call for a little help if I ever need to. I know I’ll never be able to take the worries off your minds, but I hope you know I am not going to put myself in dangerous situations.

I have decided to fully pack my backpack next wednesday and live out of it for my last week in Québec. I’ve never been very organized when it comes to luggage when I travel.  I pack just fine at first, but things can easily turn ugly. If I don’t want to take everything out and re-pack every 2 or 3 days and go crazy, I have to be prepared. A little practice couldn’t hurt.

Yeah… Yeah… I feel boring tonight. It happens sometimes, I guess.

Sorry about that one, I’ll try to make preps more interesting next time!



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