D day… Cold in Iceland

I wanted to write from home before I headed for the airport, but I ran out of time…

I happened to catch the very first Montréal-Keflavik flight… The average passenger’s age was around 20 years old, making me feel kind a cool being geared like my fellows travelers… I might be almost twice their age, but I still can travel the cool way 😉

Too bad I didn’t think about checking the Iceland weather news before leaving… When I got out the airport, thinking it would be cool to go have a walk in Reykjavik, it was barely 3 degrees, plus rain and two or three extras of knock-you-on-the-ground wind.

I took the bus to downtown Reykjavik anyway, to learn on my way that today was a holiday in Iceland. Meaning that at 8 O’clock in the morning there is almost nothing open, and nobody walking around.

I walked anyway, thinking that it would at least warm me up. When my toes started to hurt and threatened to fall off, I stopped in front of an ATM machine got myself a little bit of money and entered a grocerie store – convenient store – café that offered shelter while I eat my tuna sandwich, waiting for the next bus to the airport.

Reykjavik is really nice, but I am not dressed to survive it today, and my thoughts are elsewhere. That, added to the fact that it is 4h15 am for me…  I just want to get on my plane and find my warm København bed…

Here are a few pictures, from the trip to Keflavik… I don’t know if my fingers will agree to take some from the city, but Google it, it is very nice, with its mixt of old and new, its paved roads and its large murals….

Cold kisses from Reykjavik…

Ok, pictures not cooperating for the moment… I’ll try later when in Copenhagen. Sorry for that.


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