Day 1 – Copenhagen


Okie… Summary of the day…

Strøget, Church of our Lady, Rundt Tårn, the Botanical Garden, Statens museum for kunstners, Rosenborg’s castle, the King’s gardens, Nyhavn, the Royal Danish Theatre, the Table church, Amalienborg, Kastellet and its church, the Little Mermaid, le Skuespil Huset and Copenhagen’s stock exchange building!

When I came back to the apartment, I had burned every bit of energy I had… I just felt like going to sleep even if it was barely supper time. It was good fatigue, but I was (and still am) as tired as can be. So I’ll leave a few random pictures of Copenhagen, that haven’t been touched up yet, to give you an idea, and I’ll add the comments later 🙂

Thanks for your understanding!


To learn a little more about Copenhagen;


19 thoughts on “Day 1 – Copenhagen

  1. Merci de prendre le temps de nous faire un petit coucou. Maintenant c’est l’heure d’aller te reposer :). Bons rêves xx


  2. Slow down. You are moving at light speed. I’ve lived her for 24 years and still haven’t seen all of those sights in one-two days. Impressive – Imponerende!


    1. I saw all those places, but I didn’t “visit all of them… Of course!! 🙂 I can’t wait to storytell my day, because I really didn’t rush at all… At the end, I had just spent a lot of energy for what I had eaten and drank during the day 😉 And you know, it might be my only chance to see those places…. 🙂 Today’s program will be less charged…. Airport, Tivoli Gardens, Glyptotek, the Black Diamond and Christiania… I will be spending more time in each place 🙂


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